Walk info

Cardiff Outdoor Group offers a wide selection of walks suitable for all abilities.

If you have any questions about a particular walk then contact the leader for more details – contact details for each walk  are given on the programme .

Please note……    
A formal risk assessment must be completed for all events.

COG encourages event organisers to accommodate accompanied children whenever possible. Children are welcome on our walks provided they are suitably equipped, able to cover the distance at a reasonable pace (the normal pace of the group) and are accompanied by an adult who can take parental responsibility for them. Occasionally walks will have a lunch stop at a pub, so these walks may not be suitable for young children depending on the policies of the pub, but accompanied older children are welcome. Please contact the event leader to check suitability.

If you would like to bring a dog on a walk please check first with the event organiser to check suitability.

Choosing the right walk for you

Walks are graded as follows

••• Strenuous
•• Moderate
• Easy

These gradings take into account factors other than distance such as the type of terrain or amount of ascent and descent.

You should consider your level of fitness and walking experience when choosing a walk from the programme. If you are in any doubt, or want more advice, then contact the walk leader who can give you more details about the route.

For most walks you would be expected to wear walking boots and carry a waterproof coat and jeans are to be avoided.  If you wish to bring your dog on the walk then you should first get permission from the walk leader.

Each walker has a responsiblity to keep up with with the group…if you decide to leave the group for any reason you must tell the leader.  If you have any doubt about your fitness then maybe try an walk graded ‘easy’ first.

Strenuous walks

Walks marked ‘strenuous’ are likely to include rough ground,  undefined paths, steep ascents and descents and cover longer distances. The following equipment should be carried by every walker:

  • walking boots
  • waterproof coat and trousers
  • food and water
  • warm clothing, hat, gloves in cooler weather
  • sunhat, suncream, additional water in warmer weather
  • survival bag or blanket
  • torch
  • first aid kit

You should consider your level of fitness before coming on a strenuous walk – you need to be able to maintain a pace of 2mph over rough terrain.  We don’t want to discourage people from coming on strenuous walks but the safety of the group comes first and you will need to be able to keep up with the group. If you are in any doubt please contact the leader for further advice.

Please note that the current suggested mileage rate of 24p per mile applies to transportation to and from all COG events.