Three Peaks Trial


Saturday 25th March 2023

Three peaks Trial Challenge Walk website

The Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk is COG’s massive charity fundraiser. The event regularly raises over £9,000 for charity with hundreds of walkers coming from all over the UK to take part. If you can help on the day in any way then please do. Whether it’s for a couple of hours or more all assistance is very much appreciated.


Nigel Forster of Creative Photography Wales has set up a web page of fantastic photos of scenes on the various routes and info on the event. Click Here to see the web page.

What is the Three Peaks Trial?
It’s a Challenge Walk based in Abergavenny whereby we set a series of checkpoints which entrants have to pass through using their own navigation skills to select the best route between the checkpoints. The event was set up in 1963 and normally has four routes ranging from 10 to 20 miles and is the oldest event of its type in the UK. It regularly attracts 800+ walkers from all over the UK. Further information on the event is on the website Volunteering info is at:Click Here.


The event usually takes place on the last Saturday in March but because of Covid this year the event is planned for June. As many volunteers as possible are always needed to make sure the walkers get round the hills safely and have a good day. So if you can help please do and keep some or all of the date free in your diaries. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not helped out before, there’s plenty of advice we can give, new helpers are always welcome! Also Covid safety measures will be in place – masks/hand sanitiser/social distancing/etc.

There will be a wide range of tasks to be done so it should be possible to find something you will feel comfortable with and enjoy doing. Even if you are only able to help out for a few hours, this will be greatly appreciated.

If you know you will be available or want more info then email: As mentioned above, all details of the various jobs are on the Three Peaks Trial website Click Here. The jobs are many and varied, for example: –

  • helping in the Hall when walkers arrive in the morning and return in the afternoon/evening;
  • marshalling checkpoints;
  • monitoring communications between the volunteers spread over an area of 50 square miles;

All offers of help on the day most welcome!